2018 in Review

I believe it to be important to reflect on what the years have brought us. Whether  we are trying to sort our lives out or we have it all together, all of us could benefit from a little reflection. Where we were, where we are, and where we are planning on going.

This year I took on a lot of responsibility. After allowing my previous band to naturally dissolve, I decided to run for political office. I spent about seven months campaigning in the Republican primary. After being defeated, I decided to move to another project and I began working on music again.

My passion for music led me to create The Noisemaker Podcast, which has seeno decent success. However, I wanted to perform. About this time another local band, who were friends of mine, had an opening for a bassist. I took the opportunity and began playing shows again as the bassist for Rain For Dust.

It wasn’t too long after all this, I decided to create this blog. A place for me to casually discuss treatment, addiction, and self help.

My wife and I also found out that we are having our third baby girl. We are thinking that this will be the final addition to our family. I also have just started a new job where I actually have some job mobility.

I am actually sitting at work right now, on break of course.

I have had little struggles this year with my addiction. I find the further along I move through life, the better life gets. I mean, I have to work for it. I don’t sit on the couch eating Cheetos, waiting for life to happen.

Part of this comes from doing this type of reflection.

I know that next year I will be graduating from Washington State University with two B.A. degrees. I have also been accepted to Liberty University’s MS in Finance program.

Whether you are in addiction or not. Take a moment to draw three columns on a sheet of paper. On the left column, write where you were at last year. In the center column write where you are this year. Finally, on the third column write where you want to be next year. Use this as a starting point for developing a plan for where you want to go in the coming year.

Many people talk about five and ten year plans. I believe that those are beneficial, but many of us in addiction have to take things in a much smaller chunk. Trying towring out where you want to be in a year and the steps it will take to get there.

Happy new year, everyone. Make the 2019 you the best you that you can.

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