Rocky Ferrenburg grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and moved to the Magic Valley in 2007. He is an accomplished musician, a published writer, and a proud Eagle Scout of Troop 232. As both a father of two wonderful girls and a husband to the most amazing woman, Rocky believes that family is key to a happy life, and that values are best demonstrated through actions.

Rocky graduated from North Anchorage Christian Academy and later from College of Southern Idaho. He is currently attending Washington State University’s Global Campus. As a blue collar worker, Rocky has been driving for local companies since he first received his CDL. During this time, he has worked his way through school, all the while providing for his family and giving back to his community.

Rocky spent most of his high school days climbing the ranks of a fast food restaurant, eventually managing a night crew, and then assisted in the management of the day crew. While there, he learned basic skills such as customer service, inventory, and business budgeting. After graduation, Rocky moved on to working remotely as a caterer where he spent long hours preparing food and menus for mine and oil field workers.

Rocky was one of the first students to graduate from the SAGE Truck Driving School in Burley, Idaho, and he was accepted into College of Southern Idaho the next semester. During this time, he took on such tasks as developing independent study courses, and he even worked closely with the Honors program to construct the first distance-based Honors program at CSI. Rocky and two of his peers created and maintained, in accordance with CSI staff, a social Facebook group: CSI Society.

Rocky Graduated with five Associates of Arts degrees including criminal justice and political science. Today, he is enrolled in two programs at WSU: Psychology and Political Science/Economics. Throughout his college career, Rocky has demonstrated the ability to handle a full load, be creative, and excel above the standards assigned to him.

Rocky has been concerned with issues facing Twin Falls for quite some time. Some of these issues are education, substance abuse, and state sovereignty. As Rocky has watched his two daughters grow, he has become increasingly aware of challenges facing our community and state. His oldest daughter is currently relying on the quality of our public education, and he is concerned with the national rankings of Idaho’s education system.

Rocky is a recovering addict who has been clean for more than six years. He has not only studied the criminal justice system, but also spent time within the system. He has been a community role model for those in recovery, and he still strives to make a difference in the way people see individuals with substance abuse issues. Rocky is eager to cut the cord with the Federal Government in order to maintain the state’s sovereignty. He believes that Idahoans are much better equipped to take care of Idaho.

Rocky has spent a great deal of time giving back to his community. He played guitar for a local band that was centrally focused on playing benefits, feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving, and sponsoring families in the Magic Valley for Christmas. He has donated several wedding and DJ packages to fundraisers from his company, Southern Idaho Event Services, and has hosted such benefits himself. Rocky has contributed to community food banks, served food, and given toys to local needy children.

Whenever Rocky has the opportunity and means to help someone in need, he jumps at the opportunity. Rocky has dedicated his life to being a role model for those around him, and he is constantly striving to learn how to become a better man so that we, together, can better the communities in which we live.