From the Mind of an Addict Introduction

Hello, everyone and welcome to my blog, From the Mind of an Addict. I am an accomplished musician, published writer, and a recovered addict. I am also the father of two beautiful girls, and another baby on the way. I am married to a wonderful woman who supports me in all of my crazy endeavors. I grew up in Anchorage, AK, and currently live in Twin Falls, ID. I spent over two years incarcerated, and even longer on probation and in treatment centers. I’ve been homeless and in halfway houses. I spent over a decade addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was an IV drug user and a criminal. I was almost stabbed to death when I was 19. I have seen a lot and been through a great deal. Now I want to share with anyone who will listen.

This will be my first blog. However, I do write for a political magazine and I also host a podcast about music. Here I plan on discussing addiction, elements of recovery, and activities on a weekly basis. I aim to help people struggling with addiction. When I say struggling I mean those who are addicted and those who are feeling the effects of addiction. I am not a scientist, so I am not going to really use any medical jargon. I would like this to be an outlet I can use to help others. I plan on sharing much more of my story and communicating activities for those looking to work through a program, this may also give supporting friends and family an inner look into how people work through steps to recover from substance abuse.

I encourage anyone to contact me with questions or comments. This is a place where I think a wealth of knowledge will be stored. However, we all have questions, and sometimes it may be hard to ask. Maybe it is the fear we will look stupid, or maybe we just don’t know how to ask. Well, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Ask! Even if it is in a private email. Also, if you have something that you’re dealing with or a topic you would like discussed please feel free to contact me about it. There is plenty to talk about and I am sure the river won’t run dry any time soon.

Just as anyone who is launching a project, I want to see this grow. Moreover, I can’t do this alone. I will need everyone’s help. If one of these posts touches your heart, or you think there is something here that someone else needs to hear, then please share the blog.

Also, just to be transparent I will be sharing books through Amazon, along with other items that I think are beneficial to readers of this blog, and those links are affiliate links. I am surely not here to get rich, I just want to be able to help those around me while supporting my family.

I hope to see you all back here again. Be good, and be safe.

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