Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes


I believe the education of our future generations should not be controlled by the Federal Government but should instead be cultivated at a local level. I believe in the freedom of school choice, and I am a strong advocate for private education. I stand against common core.

Criminal Justice

I believe proper rehabilitation and reintegration for offenders is vital to our community. Many of our fellow citizens suffer from drug addiction, mental health issues, or emotional tragedies. It is important to help them and reintegrate them back into our communities safely. I support alternative sentencing for victimless offenders and arbitration methods for property crimes.

State Sovereignty

I am a committed advocate for states’ rights. Individuals should have control over their local governments without the overarching and unneeded influence of the Federal Government. I want to cut the strings the Federal Government has attached to us with its funding and make Idaho more self-supporting. Idaho is a family, and it is a common value among Idahoans to protect their families first and foremost. This has been an important value in my house from my childhood through today.

Economics and Taxes

I believe in economic freedom and open markets with minimal barriers to entry. I believe state licensure mandates and regulations on businesses and entrepreneurs are more of a hindrance than a help. Businesses should have the right to prosper just as they should have the right to fail. I support minimal taxes and a simple tax system. Taxation beyond what is needed is a waste, fraud, and abuse by either citizens or government.

Personal Rights (Guns, Religion, etc.)

I believe everyone has the right to do what they please, as long as their actions do not infringe on the rights of other people. I believe government has no place in personal rights beyond protecting them for the individual. I support the freedom of religion, the right to private property, the Second Amendment, and marriage. I believe that part of government’s responsibility to protect life falls to the unborn as well.


I believe in a free market system for healthcare. I advocate the abolition of state or government interference in Idahoans’ choices for protecting themselves and their families.