Principles Not Party

Over the course of my life, I have developed a set of principles on which I stand firmly. These have been established through my time in the Boy Scouts of America and my graduation from North Anchorage Christian Academy. Even through my time as an addict, I have collected morals and values from treatment centers and programs. I have learned a great deal by contrasting my education from College of Southern Idaho and Washington State University. I have learned the most, by far, from my two beautiful daughters and my wonderful wife. These basic concepts which I have gleaned through my life experience are the foundation of my belief system.


At its core, peace means that we don’t hurt other people and we don’t take their stuff. I find the root of peace is the non-aggression principle. This principle should not be equated with pacifism. We should not be afraid to defend ourselves, but we should never be the aggressor.


I believe the individual person has moral worth. In this country, individuals have inherent rights guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution. This idea is encompassed in the word “liberty.” This means everyone is free to pursue happiness in their own way. Others may not infringe on these rights unless that pursuit directly violates the rights of someone else.


I believe tolerance is the key to a cohesive community. We are not all alike and we should be mindful of that. Still, tolerance is not acceptance. Just because one respects an individual’s right to pursue happiness in their own way does not require others to validate those behaviors. Instead, they simply acknowledge their right to do so.


Part of living in a free society is being able to engage in commerce freely. Government oversight and regulation have taken away our freedom in the marketplace and replaced it either with a government monopoly or with government as the gatekeeper. I believe we, as consumers, understand the market better than does the government.

Limited Government

Government should be restricted to the role of protecting the rights that were guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution. Regulations should be placed on government by the people. Instead, we see government growing exponentially and our freedoms shrinking correspondingly.

You can always rely on my vote to increase peace and tolerance, protect individual rights and liberties, open the market, and restrict government.